7-Figure Ecommerce in 24 Months

We were approached by a brick and mortar store who was faced with closing one of their locations due to increasing overhead. They had added their products to a Shopify store, but were seeing less than $1,500 per month in total Revenue.

This company wished to retain us for SEO strategy consulting and brand building, but to keep most of the on-page site changes in house to save significant expense.

They were also investing in Google ads and retained that in house for management from one of their staff with only minor consulting and problem solving from Punch SEO.

Our campaign started by analyzing their site for thin and duplicate content. As with most Ecommerce sites, it is easy to have an excessive amount of product details and information from the manufacturer which leads un-unique content.

We worked with this client to create a product template which they could deploy across their site. This enabled their staff to rapidly create unique, buyer-focused product descriptions that were calculated to rank quickly and take market share from their competition.

While their staff was optimizing the products, our team solved several structural issues with the Shopify platform, causing an immediate increase in rankings. From there we helped them use their years of local publicity to establish an online brand presence that Google would recognize.

This resulted in constant growth, month over month.

The campaign went ROI-positive within the first 9 months. At the 15-month mark, we had 10x their initial revenue to $15,000/month and by 24 months, they were at $90,000 per month in gross revenues.

This campaign continues, and the client is using the income from the first site to launch a second site in a related niche, shortly.