Front-Page Google Positions = Boost Your Revenue

Front-Page Google Positions = Boost Your Revenue

Better Leads

Happier Customers

Larger Sales

Want to have a Buffalo SEO expert personally look at your site?

Just a year ago I was a beginner photographer working at starting a business by trying to turn a life long dream into reality. The problem was I had no idea how to reach my future clientele. Relying on FB and Zenfolio alone wasn’t enough, I wasn’t reaching anyone and didn’t show up anywhere on Google. That is why I contacted PunchSEO. In no time, I had the look of a professional photographer (powered by WordPress) and some really great knowledge to help my business grow. Fast forward three months later and I’m on top of the first page of Google!
~Jessica V.

Free SEO Audit Tool

Our tool instantly scans your site for errors and delivers actionable tips you can take today to improve your Buffalo SEO rankings. Just enter your information below to receive an instant analysis of your site. 

SEO Company Buffalo NY

We provide "gap analysis" to identify where the opportunities are in your industry and help guide your marketing message to seize the best opportunities.

We use SEO and content marketing to make your business the #1 choice in Google.

When you are at the top, your competition is not. Steal market share with crucial placement and quality visibility.

Are you ready to be on the homepage of Google for your target phrase? We are ready to put you there. We've done it hundreds of times.


Ranking higher in Google is an organic marketing process. It takes time to establish authority and begin enjoying the free leads that come from being number 1 in Google.

There’s no reason for you to wait.

All of our Buffalo SEO campaigns come with a Google Ads package. We’ll customize a Google Ads campaign that drives leads right away. Even better, we’ll provide conversion rates optimization on your ad campaign to ensure you are getting the most out of your sales funnel.

No Web site? No Problem! Through our sister company, Opichi, we offer a complete suite of website design options to get you established online.


Customers that trust PunchSEO


Search Engine Rankings rely on trust. We use our proven brand building formula to identify where your online presence has gaps and to develop your company as a credible authority for both Google and your Community.

Strong brands last. That’s why we don’t rely on blackhat or shady tactic to influence the Google algorithm. Instead, we reverse-engineered top brands like Best Buy, ATT and Verizon and created our marketing formula based on their time-tested campaigns.


One of the “dirty secrets” in the industry is that most SEO companies outsource their work to others.

We’re the “others” they outsource their work to.

This experience as a “wholesale” SEO agency means that we run more marketing campaigns in a month than most other agencies touch in a year. It allows us to leverage scale and massive data to deliver faster results at a more reasonable price.

Monthly Reporting

We believe visibility and communication is important. When you work with us, you will receive daily reporting of your key search phrases, delivered to your inbox. Additionally, we provide a deeper monthly report and unlimited customer support.


There can only be one #1 result in Google. That is why we refuse to take on more than one client in a single niche. We avoid conflict of interest by refusing to work with competing clients. We work with many Buffalo businesses, but only one per niche. 


Onpage and Offpage Optimization

We partner with Google and abide by their terms and conditions to help you take the top rankings in the search results. Virtually any agency can get you ranking on the search engines for a month or two. But very few agencies use techniques that establish your Expertise, Authority, and Trust to create rankings that last for years. 


No Contracts

Do you ever feel that your marketing company is chasing your dollars harder than they are chasing your results? With our month-to-month system, you are free to cancel anytime. This setup forces us to have “skin in the game” and ensure you are getting the ROI you expected. 


Punch SEO is often called in to fix shoddy SEO work and repair algorithmic or manual penalties. We’re well versed in Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and RankBrain, and are continually studying Google’s new patents to prepare for the changes they have planned 2-3 years into the future. 

Artificial Intelligence-Backed Decision Making

We’re also one of the few SEO agencies to begin using Artificial Intelligence in our decision making. These enterprise-level pieces of software run on huge cloud servers to collect and sort large amounts of data on your competitors. 

We commonly use anywhere between 50 and 200 data points across the top-10 competitors to help identify the most important tactics to deploy to deliver the fastest results. 

While other SEO agencies are experimenting, we’re delivering. 



Results matter. Your company needs more visitors, more phone calls and more customers. We are huge fans of “attraction marketing.” When your company is the authority on Google, it becomes the authority in the real world. Customers choose to trust you because Google trusts you.

It’s that simple.

Presumably, you are a business owner living around Buffalo, searching for a Buffalo SEO company. You trust us because we are at the top of Google. By ranking at the top of Google for Buffalo SEO, we’re demonstrating that we can do the same thing for you. Attraction marketing is a powerful tool, and once you get a taste of it, you won’t want to go back to any other method.

Buffalo NY is our home. We catch live bands with you at Canalside and are die-hard Bills fans. Being the top Buffalo SEO expert is our way of making our community stronger. We specialize in ranking in the local markets, but we also have extensive e-commerce SEO experience and have a proven formula to increase traffic at the national level.

Buffalo, New York is a large community, and one of the more challenging places to launch a business and gain visibility. That’s one reason why search engine optimization is such a powerful tool. While our competitors buy radio spots, billboards, and taxi placards, we’re getting free links from Google, month after month.

This gives us an undisputed competitive advantage.

We’re excited to help companies in Buffalo achieve the same results that we have. There are many Buffalo SEO Agencies (and many nationwide agencies competing for your business as well), but our local roots make us the best SEO for Buffalo NY.

What is SEO?

There are three major type of online marketing: 

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): This is where companies buy ads online on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, typically using pay per click marketing campaigns. When it comes to Online Marketing, SEM delivers fast results, but at extremely high costs.

2. Social Media Management (SMM): Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram marketing offer a cash crop of potential customers. A skilled social media marketing agency will help in crafting engaging posts, optimizing post times and messaging, and turning your “likes” into “dollars”. 

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When customers are ready to buy, where do they go? After word-of-mouth marketing, the first place they turn is Google searches. SEO strategy uses techniques such as content management, link building, and on page keyword optimization to influence the search engines to choose one site over another.

While many local SEO companies use “blackhat” tactics (including hacking sites) to achieve these goals, PunchSEO has the policy that the best way to build a business is to build brand authority. This puts us in the elite world of SEO consultants who deliver “white hat” SEO that focuses on putting the customer first. When the customer is first, everything else tends to work itself out.

Search Engine Marketing That Changes Lives

The difference between being #2 and #1 on Google can be 100%. A company that is struggling to make payroll in spot #3 of the local search, might be acquiring their competitors when they take spot #1.

Our marketing strategy hinges on aggressive keyword research. This allows us to find opportunities the competition has overlooked. We can also see how many organic searches a month these terms get, and work with you to prioritize the ones that show the most significant buyer’s intent.

We optimize for these areas, turn those pages of your site into sources of lead generation, and help you generate additional customers within a shorter timeframe. We’re one of the few professional SEO teams who can point to multiple instances of outranking multi-national corporations like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Yelp, and Thumbtack.

Do Google Partners Get Better SEO Results?

The Google Partners program exists to train agencies on how to use their ads program. It does not influence a company’s ability to rank a site in Google. Most SEO agencies get the Google Partners badge because let’s face it; our average client assumes the Google Partners badge is some “quality signal” for SEO agencies.

It isn’t, but a lot of agencies enjoy claiming that it is. (Anything for a marketing angle, right?)