Google Maps Ranking in 24 hours

We were approached by a B2B startup who was working on a limited budget, but who desperately needed a new flow of leads.

They had tried hiring sales staff, but their business focused on a very specialized, high-tech service and they were experiencing difficulty in training a sales team member to the level of product sophistication they needed.

In our first conversation we identified two key phrases that are commonly used in their industry. More importantly, we learned what phrases residential consumers tend to use, and how to stay away from terms that would bring in a less-than-desirable prospect.

Armed with that information, we analyzed the competition and then deployed an aggressive Google Maps optimization. Based on our experience optimizing hundreds of these maps, we’ve discovered that most SEO agencies and business owners perform this step wrong.

Our optimization delivered immediate improvements, putting them in the maps within the first 24 hours of our campaign for their primary term. This increased visibility lead to a new corporate client within the first week.

As the campaign continued, they took a top-three result in Google with their website within the first month.

We are continuing this campaign for a few more months to improve their maps position for their secondary terms as well as increasing their website’s ranking for both keywords.