Front-Page Google Positions = Boost Your Revenue

Front-Page Google Positions = Boost Your Revenue

Better Leads

Happier Customers

Larger Sales

Want to have an SEO expert personally look at your site?

Just a year ago I was a beginner photographer working at starting a business by trying to turn a life long dream into reality. The problem was I had no idea how to reach my future clientele. Relying on FB and Zenfolio alone wasn’t enough, I wasn’t reaching anyone and didn’t show up anywhere on Google. That is why I contacted PunchSEO. In no time, I had the look of a professional photographer (powered by WordPress) and some really great knowledge to help my business grow. Fast forward three months later and I’m on top of the first page of Google!
~Jessica V.

Free SEO Audit Tool

Our tool instantly scans your site for errors and delivers actionable tips you can take today to improve your SEO rankings. Just enter your information below to receive an instant analysis of your site. 


Where are the gaps in your online strategy? We work with you to create a picture of your ideal client and your competition. Using that information we create a "gap analysis" that serves as the road map between where you are and where you want to be.

80% of customers use Google to make their shopping decisions. We use keyword research to identify what search terms your customers are most likely to use in their buying journey. And then, employing our proven ranking formula, we push your brand to the number 1 choice for those local Google searches

Market domination is the core of what we do. When you are at the top, you beat your competition to a constant stream of free leads. Most of our clients appear at the top of Google multiple times for their key terms.

Are you ready to be on the homepage of Google for your target phrase? We are ready to put you there. We've done it hundreds of times.


This is why we sell a holistic marketing management system. We’re your one-click marketing team who handles both your SEO and Google Ads in a single campaign.

With a half-decade of designing and optimizing ad campaigns for the best conversion rates, we’re experienced at finding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and crafting a sales campaigns that deliver leads immediately.

Our marketing plan combines the immediacy of ads so you enjoy lead generation in your first month, along with the brand-building power of SEO, so you can enjoy free traffic from locals search for years after we wrap up the campaign.

Don’t have a website? No Problem! At our sister company, Opichi, we offer full-service web design and graphic design. We’ve worked on projects from affordable site deployment for a 2-person family business to full apps, software development, and e-commerce sites. Opichi is powered by coders right next door in Buffalo, NY. We have built websites for some of the largest brands in the area. We’ll do the same for you.


Customers that trust PunchSEO


The secret to a high search engine ranking revolves around “Trust”.

Strong brands last. That’s why we refuse to engage in the popular “blackhat SEO” that so many of our competitors use to trick the Google Algorithm.

We’ve built our brand strategy system by reverse-engineering the top brands. Companies like ATT, Coca-Cola, Verizon, and Overstock provide our template for what a strong brand looks like. From there, we’ve scaled down their authority signals into a blueprint that works for the small business.

We use this blueprint in conjunction with the gap analysis we complete to create a roadmap to grow your business. We’ve found that this system allows us to deliver reliable, month-over-month growth that comes from improved rankings in Google.

This system also offers longevity that few other agencies in Rochester can match, with SEO campaigns that are still profitable, years after we stopped performing work on it.


When you are shopping for an SEO company, it seems like there is a lot of variety, right? It turns out that while there are hundreds of quality SEO companies, the bulk of the work is outsourced to subcontractors.

We’re one of those subcontractors the bigger agencies rely on.

This experience in search engine optimization SEO fulfillment has given us a breadth of real-world knowledge of the Google Algorithm. We touch more marketing campaigns in a single month than most agencies handle in a year (or several years), and we get to troubleshoot some of the most perplexing SEO cases.

As we speak, Google is undergoing a transition in their algorithm to a heavier emphasis on machine learning. Unfortunately, most SEO agencies are simply “doing business as always”.

Gone are the days when you could stick your keywords into the correct spots on the page, or blog every week and deliver results. Now, it is all about topical relevancy, depth and brand trust.

Our system is one of the few that are succeeding in this new SEO environment, and we’re excited to offer it directly to the small business owner.

Monthly Reporting

We believe visibility and communication is important. When you work with us, you will receive daily reporting of your key search phrases, delivered to your inbox. Additionally, we provide a deeper monthly report and unlimited customer support.


There can only be one #1 result in Google. That is why we refuse to take on more than one client in a single niche. We avoid conflict of interest by refusing to work with competing clients. We work with many Rochester businesses, but only one per niche. 


Onpage and Offpage Optimization

We partner with Google and abide by their terms and conditions to help you take the top rankings in the search results. Virtually any agency can get you ranking on the search engines for a month or two. But very few agencies use techniques that establish your Expertise, Authority, and Trust to create rankings that last for years. 


No Contracts

Do you ever feel that your marketing company is chasing your dollars harder than they are chasing your results? With our month-to-month system, you are free to cancel anytime. This setup forces us to have “skin in the game” and ensure you are getting the ROI you expected. 


Punch SEO is often called in to fix shoddy SEO work and repair algorithmic or manual penalties. We’re well versed in Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and RankBrain, and are continually studying Google’s new patents to prepare for the changes they have planned 2-3 years into the future. 

Rochester SEO Services

Punch SEO puts you on the first page.  Our core service offering is to bring our professional consultant services to help your website increase its organic search traffic. We target multiple local SEO terms at once to help your business expand its reach to as many interested customers as possible.

Every business is different. There is no one size fits all system. That is why we create a custom plan for your business based on your budget, desired time frame for results and current site authority.



Inbound marketing has some of the lowest cost per acquisition. When the customer already understands that they have a need and actively seek your company, it completely changes the dynamic and shortens the sales cycle dramatically.

Using our proven SEO strategies, we help local websites rise to the top. We’ve beat out the top national competitors like Yelp, Home Advisor, Amazon, and Walmart multiple times, and can help your business get ahead of the crushing corporate competition.

Laser focused marketing puts your business in front of your highest-quality client. We work with you to understand where your best margins are and who your ideal client is. From there we can focus on targeting the keywords that deliver the best return on your investment and create messaging that will speak directly to your customer.

Transparent reporting is central to our work. We send all of our clients’ monthly reports and daily rank tracking and Google Analytics for measuring results. We don’t want to drown you in reporting paperwork or technical mumbo-jumbo like some companies do, but we include enough that there is never any question as to where your business is on its SEO journey. We take pride in our work, just like our grandfathers did!

Personalized support. We refer to our clients by their names more than we do by their company name. We never lose sight of the fact that you and your employees depend on us to deliver. We are your concierge for everything digital.

You undoubtedly found us because we rank at the top of the search results for “Rochester SEO agency.” As your leading Rochester SEO company, we understand precisely what it takes to rise to the top in this specific market.

When done correctly, search engine optimization should be the foundation for long-term marketing. Once established, your website will convert its first-page rankings into a steady stream of new potential customers — just like our site does.

Organic advertising tends to get better results. We often get asked how SEO compares to social media marketing, Google Ads, Billboards and Radio ads.

When your business is one of the top results on the major search engines, you are in front of the clients who need your services and are searching for them. Even better, we find that most customers prefer to click on an organic listing instead of an ad, giving you preferential placement over your competitors who only engage in pay per click advertising for your targeted keyword.
Customers also seem to trust your business more, thanks to the perception that companies which rank highly in Google are to be more trusted.

Our SEO consultants help to enhance that perception by only delivering high-quality content, strong link building practices, and personalized sales funnels.

We start by establishing you on Google My Business and helping you rank more highly on Google Maps. Our online marketing campaign is finished when we’ve helped you establish your company as the only clear choice in your market. (Ideally, we like to establish rankings in 2 or 3 different places at the top of Google).

Whether you are a local service business who is tired of overpaying for leads from Homeadvisor and Thumbtack or are a national E-commerce chain, we are the digital marketing agency with the experience in customer acquisition to help you reach your marketing goals.


Reputation management has become a more significant concern for business owners. It is easy for anonymous reviewers to leave defamatory statements online. Often there is no recourse to have these statements removed.

These negative reviews — even when untrue — can create a public relations nightmare that lasts for years.

We can help with that. We have experience in helping incentivize your clients to leave more positive reviews, and to use expert SEO techniques to push these negative rankings down by establishing your brand higher in the search engines.


Content is the currency of the online world. We can help to craft content that allows your clients and attracts them to your site. For businesses that want more involvement, we can generate content ideas and even assist with video production if you are seeking a more visual web marketing strategy.

Our content marketing strategy focuses on delivering the most value out of the least number of pieces. We would much somewhat that you create one, helpful piece of content every month over daily blog posts that have no value.

We’ve generated millions of visitors with our content pieces, and our templates will help you do the same.


We’re happy to provide a free SEO Audit. You can fill out the form above (or the one on our homepage) to generate an instant report with easy improvements you can make today to help your site rank better.

However, when you come on, our SEO consultants don’t use the tools blindly but combine them with years of experience to help deliver the most significant improvement to your bottom line in the least amount of time.

In local Rochester, the competition can be fierce. By fixing the Technical SEO problems and ensuring an enjoyable user experience for each one of your customers, we can set ourselves apart as the digital agency that gets results.